Kent Weddings


Kent weddings – the garden of England. Another county just a short drive for me from Sussex. As you drive across from West Sussex, the landscape starts to become more rural and undulating, across East Sussex and into Kent. The distinctive Hop Oasts start to appear on the horizon. Another county full of history. I shot Kent weddings in gardens, hotels, castles, barns and one seriously impressive cathedral. Wedding venues with history like Hever Castle or Canterbury Cathedral and the truly unique, The Lost Village of Dode (see below). The latter is a hard venue to find but very different.


A haunted chapel

The Lost Village of Dode - a very small, very dark, medieval chapel in 'the middle of nowhere'. All that remains of an old village. A very unique wedding venue for small weddings. Bit dependent on good weather, also quite a challenge to photograph in the dim light. A circle of standing stones for the pagans amongst you too!

Anne's old house

Hever Castle - the family home of Anne Boleyn. The woman who caused the formation of the Church of England, but later lost her head. A small castle, surrounded by a moat. Weddings take place in the Astor wing attached to the castle. But the castle is the backdrop for drinks, with some access to the grounds and away from the general public.

Oak Barn

Oak Barn at Frame farm, just south of Benenden. A relatively new wedding venue - with a cluster of old barns and farm buildings, all nicely renovated for a wedding ceremony and reception all on the same spot. The sun also can appear, sending golden evening light across the neighbouring fields. A nice, intimate space.