Who am I? An interview..

Kathryn Andrews , a Hampshire based wedding photographer, has created a new blog that focusses upon wedding photography, Photography1827. In particular upon fine art and documentary wedding photography. In her own words,

Photography 1827 is a new UK wedding blog aimed at brides, grooms, photographers and anyone else who enjoys contemporary, fine art and documentary style photography. There are some really great wedding blogs out there which feature awesome weddings and fantastic photography, but there seems to be a gap in the market for a new wedding blog which will feature something slightly different.

Photography 1827 is all about exquisite, beautiful, contemporary, fine art and documentary style wedding photography and stylishly classy weddings which are timeless and elegant but have an understated air of cool about them. You can plan a sophisticated wedding and still add your own personal touches to the day, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Photography 1827 aims to regularly feature real weddings from high end brides, to style savvy brides who know how to cut costs.

Having taken up an advertising slot on the blog, Kathryn invited me to answer some interview questions. These were for a section on the blog in which she prompts wedding photographers to say more about themselves, their experience and their work.

A dozen questions arrived by email, which I tried to answer without sounding too pompous. Here’s an extract..

8. Tell us 10 random things about yourself?

Born near Manchester

Family tree shows generations of Shropshire blacksmiths.

Married to a writer with two daughters and one son.

Ashamed at how poor my foreign language skills are.

Once watched a football match with Sir Stanley Matthews handing me sandwiches (it was real, not a dream!).

Love red liquorice

Told off by Margaret Thatcher for attempting to take her portrait in front of an ‘EXIT” sign.

Flew across the English Channel in an ultralight – so cold!

First camera was an Olympus OM10

Hate baked beans!


You can find the rest of the interview here and the blog may well be worth you bookmarking to read future interviews too!

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