Gravetye Manor wedding – Jennifer & Matthew

Gravetye Manor – according to Matthew’s speech, this had been Jennifer’s first choice for her wedding day. But when Jennifer got in touch about my work, back in April last year, the reception was planned to be at Newick Park, with the wedding in September. Roll on to last October and an email from Jennifer, to see if I was free at the end of August, as Newick Park was closing down – I think it has become a very grand private home again. So the date was switched and the venue was too.

( One downside was that every wedding I have shot at Newick Park  in the last few years, has been a scorcher. Wasn’t to be at Gravetye Manor – just as this August hasn’t been )

A sixteenth-century manor house, built for a bride and buried deep within it’s own grounds in the West Sussex countryside, it is most famous for it’s gardens. Rather, that is, than as a smugglers’ hideout and supplier of cannons in the eighteenth century. It was here that the coverage begins. Jennifer got ready at the hotel with her mother and two bridesmaids, one being her sister, Rebecca. The wedding ceremony was over the border, in East Sussex, in the pretty village of Maresfield, near Uckfield. Across from the church, St Bartholomew’s, Matt was with family and friends in the pub. A last minute spill out for some before Jennifer arrived at the church, with her father, in a rather unique wedding car.

Deed done, rings exchanged and the ‘confetti run’……, it was back to Gravetye Manor. Drinks and canapés in the flower garden, as the sun struggled and frankly, failed, to break through the cloud cover. It was then time for the wedding breakfast in the dining room, followed by speeches. Not sure if Matthew’s double entendre was on purpose, but it had some tables in stitches. Cake cutting next and then the dancing. No first dance though. Second week in a row, is this new trend?

Anyhow, a lovely wedding day. Congratulations to Jennifer and Matthew ( “Blue Steel Matthew!!)

Here are a few images from the day….

Gravetye Manor

View of Gravetye Manor flower gardens from the bride's room

Gravetye Manor003

Gravetye Manor004

Gravetye Manor005

Gravetye Manor006

Gravetye Manor007

Gravetye Manor008

Gravetye Manor009Gravetye Manor010

Gravetye Manor011

Bride's father shows off his socks

Gravetye Manor013

Gravetye Manor014

Gravetye Manor015

Gravetye Manor016

Gravetye Manor017

Gravetye Manor018

Gravetye Manor019

Gravetye Manor020

Groom's sister helps him with his flower

Gravetye Manor022

Gravetye Manor023

Gravetye Manor024

Wedding guests

Blue Steel groom

Gravetye Manor027

Gravetye Manor028

Wedding guests

Gravetye Manor030

Gravetye Manor031

Gravetye Manor032

Gravetye Manor033

Gravetye Manor034

Gravetye Manor035

Gravetye Manor036

Gravetye Manor037

Gravetye Manor038

Gravetye Manor039

Gravetye Manor040

Gravetye Manor041

Gravetye Manor042

Gravetye Manor043

Gravetye Manor044

Bride and her father walk down the church aisle

Gravetye Manor046

Gravetye Manor047

Gravetye Manor048

Gravetye Manor049

Gravetye Manor050

Gravetye Manor051

Gravetye Manor052

Gravetye Manor053

Gravetye Manor054

Gravetye Manor055

Gravetye Manor056

Gravetye Manor057

Gravetye Manor058

Gravetye Manor059

Gravetye Manor060

Gravetye Manor061

Gravetye Manor062

Gravetye Manor063

Gravetye Manor064

Gravetye Manor065

Gravetye Manor066

Gravetye Manor067

Gravetye Manor068

Gravetye Manor069

Gravetye Manor070

Confetti run

Smiling bride in the wedding car

Gravetye Manor075

Gravetye Manor076

Drinks ready at Gravetye Manor

Gravetye Manor078

Bride and groom at Gravetye

Gravetye Manor080

Gravetye Manor081

Gravetye Manor082

Gravetye Manor083

Gravetye Manor084

Gravetye Manor085

Wedding reception in the flower garden at Gravetye Manor

Gravetye Manor087

Gravetye Manor088

Gravetye Manor089

Gravetye Manor090

Gravetye Manor091

Gravetye Manor092

Gravetye Manor093

Wedding guests at Garvetye Manor wedding reception

Gravetye Manor095

Gravetye Manor096

Music at Gravetye Manor

Gravetye Manor098

Smiling bride and her sister at Gravetye Manor

Wedding guests at Garvetye Manor wedding

Gravetye Manor102

Gravetye Manor104

Gravetye Manor105

Gravetye Manor106

Wedding guests at Garvetye Manor wedding

Gravetye Manor108

Bride and groom portrait at Gravetye Manor wedding

Gravetye Manor110

Gravetye Manor111

Bride and groom portrait at Gravetye Manor wedding

Bride and groom portrait at Gravetye Manor wedding

Gravetye Manor114

Gravetye Manor115

Bride tossing her bouquet at Gravetye Manor

Gravetye Manor117

Gravetye Manor118

Gravetye Manor119

Gravetye Manor120

Gravetye Manor121

Gravetye Manor122

Gravetye Manor123

Gravetye Manor124

Gravetye Manor125

Gravetye Manor126

Gravetye Manor127

Gravetye Manor128

Gravetye Manor129

Gravetye Manor130

Gravetye Manor131

Gravetye Manor132

Gravetye Manor133

Gravetye Manor134

Gravetye Manor135

Gravetye Manor136

Gravetye Manor137

Gravetye Manor138

Gravetye Manor139

Wedding dancing at Gravetye

Gravetye Manor141

Gravetye Manor142

Gravetye Manor143

Wedding dancing at Gravetye

Gravetye Manor145

Wedding dancing at Gravetye

Wedding dancing at Gravetye

Gravetye Manor148

Gravetye Manor149

Bride dancing at Gravetye


Amazing photo gallery… particularly the pictures during the wedding celebration – there’s a charming detail in your color work which I really appreciate.

Some great shots here Martin, particularly the images during the reception – there’s a lovely depth in your colour work which I really enjoy.

Fantastic, we love the photos! I think you have really captured the fun of the day! Perfect.

I think Newick Park closing down was meant to be as I got my wedding at my dream venue of Gravetye Manor which I had not been able to justify before!! Fate sealed the deal!

Thanks again, and can’t wait to see the rest.

Jen Watkins x

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