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Glynde Place

Sussex summer wedding at Glynde Place

Glynde Place, an Elizabethan manor house, extensively retsored in recent years, has been a family home since 1569. Situated at the heart of a vast estate, near the Sussex town of Lewes, it shouldn’t be confused with Glyndebourne, home to summer opera. That is just up the road. The next big house! Glynde Place is an impressive wedding venue, with heaps of history/character and fantastic views over the Sussex countryside. For a couple from Brighton, Alice and Paul, this was their wedding venue, on a late August Saturday. The weather played along – the day before and the day after, were wet and wild. For a wedding with an open tent, outdoor games, including a pop-up casino – this wedding needed dry weather. It got it.

Wedding in The Gallery

Hair and makeup in the house – just a short walk from the ceremony room – the impressive Gallery. Dark wood panelling, ancestral portraits of old Admirals on the walls. Plus space. Space for myself and the videographer to work – albeit always nervous of knocking over the flower pedestals though!  On hand during the bridal preps, Alice’s dog, Dolly. She was to walk down the aisle with Alice and her father. That last minute panic as the time suddenly speeds up and the wedding dress needs to go on and the Registrars want their interview. Time to leave the prep and see what was happening in the ceremony room? A nervous groom? Just a few minutes to go.

Practically an empty room. A few guests had taken their seats but Paul told them the ceremony was at 12.30 – so they might as well head back downstairs…? It was almost midday – the ceremony time?  A quick check with Alice and the registrars – definitely 12, they had another wedding to go to! Strangely no-one on hand from the venue, to oversee this part of the day. I had to dash downstairs and tell Paul that it was actually taking place at 12 and time to get everyone in. (Never had to do this before, not really the photographer’s job). Everyone headed back upstairs, in time for the ceremony to start just after 12. Alice and Paul got married. Back out to the confetti, drinks and sunshine, on the terrace.

Food, drink, casino

The meal was on the lawn, with an open-sided tent and a buffet. Games on the grass, a casino for the evening – the ‘money’ on the tables. After food, the champagne tower and speeches. After Kitty’s emotional reading during the ceremony, it was Bert’s turn to act as his Dad’s best man. Both of them spoke with confidence and Bert got to rib his father. (A Champions League ticket as a reward!) In the evening, as more guests arrived, dancing, drinking, more food, more ‘gambling’ and then at 9pm, some fireworks…

Here are a few images from this wedding at Glynde Place in Sussex

Gallery at Glynde Place

wedding chairs

Glynde Place

Dolly the dog

Alice and Dolly

Lipstick on

Groom waits in the ceremony room

Wedding at Glynde Place

Wedding at Glynde Place

Wedding ceremony at Glynde Place

Wedding photography at Glynde Place

Wedding reception at Glynde Place

Dog in the shade

Flower girls

Wedding at Glynde Place in Sussex

Glynde Place wedding buffet

champagne tower

Glynde Place wedding first dance

Glynde Place wedding

Fireworks at Glynde Place wedding


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