A couple of awards….


Nice to gain two wedding photography awards in two weeks for very different images from weddings this year.

Today I gained another Fearless Photographers award in the latest collection. One of 300+ images that gained an award amongst 7500 entries from around the world. Check out the collection – some great images ( but also many that owe a huge debt to photoshop – note the colour saturation in many ). But looking through these images, that are rather US centric, you do see that great images come from weddings and clients who break away from the standard, formulaic wedding. It will help when the UK has more outdoor ceremonies – may be more rain images though. But it is about, as the client, letting your wedding photographer free reign to capture telling moments, different angles and approaches rather than the A-B-C way of recording a wedding. Ignoring the setup shot of the signing of the register but capturing the emotions of the people around. To capturing the cutting of the cake from behind the guests, or shooting the first dance in the lowlight as silhouettes – hunting out images that capture the atmosphere rather than copy what was shot at your parents’ wedding.

My awarded image came from a wedding in Suffolk in June and is a favourite of mine from this year. It pretty much sums up my approach to shooting weddings – trying to tell a story. Images like this are, I feel, more evocative of the day than a rigid posed up picture by the door or wedding car. Hopefully you can feel the breeze coming in from the estuary behind as the bridal party winds their way through the graveyard to the church entrance.

award-winning reportage wedding photography

My other award, a couple of weeks ago, was in the latest quarterly contest of the Wedding Photojournalist Association ( WPJA ).

A very different image – not only is it in colour but it is a captured rather than posed up detail from a July wedding near Cheltenham. Shot on a telephoto lens, to isolate the shoes, it was a quick grab shot as the bride and groom were showing off their attire to some camera wielding guests. But kind of a strange one for me to gain an award  ( especially given some of the other images from this wedding ) but it does show that details are also captured in documentary/reportage photography.  Where they compliment the story-telling rather than pad out the coverage. Details are not solely captured in ‘vintage’ wedding photography.

Quirky documentary wedding photography detail

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