Buckhurst Park wedding – Zoe & Andy

Zoe and Andy’s Buckhurst Park wedding last weekend actually had some Spring weather – it’s not been a good year for that so far. The weather was certainly different to that for their pre-wedding shoot just down the road. With the ceremony near Zoe’s mother’s home at St Denys church in Rotherfield, East Sussex, the reception was held not far away at Buckhurst Park, just south west of Royal Tunbridge Wells and deep in the East Sussex countryside.

The private home of Earl De La Warr, Buckhurst Park holds only a handful of wedding receptions each year ( although Dr Who has been filmed in the grounds ). So it’s a special venue to hold your reception at, with none of the ‘production line’ feel of some big hotels. In fact if you didn’t know where it was it can be hard to find – no big signs. With a large marquee on the lawns overlooking the estate, the late evening sunset was a gift and a perfect backdrop both for some portraits of Zoe and Andy as man and wife but also for the wedding guests, chatting after the meal. As a guest remarked, it was that ‘golden hour’ sunlight that everyone hopes for at their wedding  (especially the photographers). Although it’s usually rather less than an hour, it’s a case of grab it when you can. You don’t get it that often.

Zoe and Andy are a creative couple – photography and graphic design. So it’s always great to have creatives book you for their wedding photography. No bigger endorsement for how you shoot than to have creative couples hire you. (Update: another creative couple, who were wedding guests at this wedding, and good friends of Zoe and Andy,, booked me to shoot their wedding after seeing this coverage – it was a decidedly wet wedding in Kent, a year later.)

Here a few images from this Buckhurst Park wedding….

Buckhurst Park wedding reception

Buckhurst Park wedding reception

Buckhurst Park wedding reception

Buckhurst Park wedding reception

Bride hugs wedding guest at Buckhurst park

Bride at Buckhurst Park wedding

Bride and groom portrait at Buckhurst park wedding

Bride and groom pose at Buckhurst park wedding

Brdie and groom kiss in gorgeous evening sunlight at Buckhurst park wedding

Elegant couple at buckhurst park wedding


Such a wonderful day and these, often candid, pictures capture the emotion of the day…………. brilliant.

Amazing day captured brilliantly by these stunning photographs.

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