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Brighton Town Hall

Documentary wedding photography at Brighton Town Hall

A wedding in Brighton for Erika and Colin - now their hometown. Brighton Town Hall, followed by a bus journey to the small village of Iford, just south of Lewes. A small, DIY wedding with close family and friends. All who had been waiting for this day, since Erika and Colin met at university.

So, coverage kicks off at their flat in Brighton. Here, Erika was getting ready with her bridesmaids and bridesman (or Manmaid, as he later called the job title), along with her mum. Hair and makeup in front of episodes of Friends. Their cat slept through it all. A smart car then into town and to the Town Hall. Here Colin waited with his family and another wedding party, in the foyer. Like many town halls on a Saturday, there is a procession of weddings (Makes it hard for the wedding photographers, to photograph guests arriving - as you can't be sure to which wedding they are arriving?) As two of her bridesmaids waited outside, another wedding burst out of the Regency room, just before Erika arrived. Colin now able to go into the ceremony room, Erika could enter the town hall.

Wedding ceremony at Brighton Town Hall

With Colin's brother poised on iPod duty, the registrar announced the wedding party in. The music appeared...eventually, the registrar went back to the door, thumbs up...ceremony began. All went smoothly from then on, including the ringbearer's task. Confetti and bubbles outside, before everyone walked around to the seafront and boarded the bus to the wedding reception.

Iford village hall wedding reception

Iford sits just above the flood plain of the River Ouse, beside the South Downs. It also sits on the Greenwich Meridian. Having decorated the hall themselves, the day before, it had a nice casual feel to it. Simple but effective decorations and flowers. Outside, Harold's Hog roast was cooking up the BBQ. Plenty of food and some paper airplanes later, even an inquisitive visit by a village dog, it was then time for the speeches. Naturally, as is often the case at weddings (in the UK), when everyone was inside, the sun came out. By the end of speeches and the dessert, in the form of the ice cream van - the sun had gone and the temperature had dipped a few notches.

Wedding ceilidh

But not a problem, no-one would get cold - it was ceilidh time next! All hands to clearing the tables away and chairs to the sides of the hall. The ceilidh chaos was to follow the first dance...

A nice, relaxed, intimate wedding for Erika and Colin. Here are a few images from this wedding at Brighton Town Hall...

Brighton Town Hall wedding morning drinks
Brighton Town Hall wedding bride getting ready
Lipstick in the hall
Brighton Town Hall wedding bridal prep
Flower girl waits for the bride at Brighton Town Hall wedding
Bride arrives at Brighton Town Hall
Brighton Town Hall wedding bouquet
Flower girl greets the bride at Brighton Town Hall wedding
Groom and guests wait in the ceremony room at Brighton Town Hall
Hug before the Brighton Town Hall wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony starts at Brighton Town Hall
Brighton Town Hall wedding ceremony
Presenting the wedding rings at Brighton Town Hall wedding
Wedding at Brighton Town Hall
Brighton Town Hall wedding kiss
Brighton Town Hall wedding reading
Bride and groom kiss after wedding ceremony at Brighton Town Hall
Confetti at Brighton Town Hall wedding
Extra confetti at Brighton Town Hall wedding
Wedding guests at Brighton Town Hall wedding
Hug for the bride after Brighton Town Hall wedding
Bride and groom get onto the wedding bus at Brighton Town Hall wedding
Sussex village wedding bunting
Bride at the wedding reception
Sussex wedding couple portrait
Bride and groom walk down a lane in Sussex
Guests checks out his photos at the wedding reception
Burger mustard wedding meal
Wedding barbecue
Wedding meal at Iford village Hall
Wedding cake in a box
Paper dart
Pouring more prosecco at wedding meal
Boy throws a paper dart at Sussex wedding reception
Groom's speech at Sussex village hall wedding
Village hall wedding in Sussex
Bride reacts to the groom's speech
Bride and groom serving ice cream from a van
Guests help clear the tables in the village hall
First dance in village hall
Wedding ceilidh
Sussex wedding ceilidh
Dancing chaos
Wedding dancing in Sussex village hall

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  1. Thank you so much for capturing our day so well Martin. We absolutely love the shots, especially of Erika’s nephew and her mum pouring more prosecco!

  2. Really nice to see natural photos instead of false poses. Captured the moment well, fantastic photography.

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