Now the boys outnumber the girls ( if you include the hamster )

Branching out from wedding specific posts, I thought I’d share a pic of our new family member.

He’s Joey, a two year old Labrador/whippet cross – a rescue dog from Eire. He only came over to the UK on Saturday – St Patrick’s Day – and we met him and fell in love with him on Monday. He’s been with us since then and we found him via the Rescue Remedies charity. His family was relocating from Eire to Australia and sadly had to let him and two other dogs go. After a shaky first evening – he was very, very tired and confused, he is slowly getting used to our chaotic household. So the big, soft, floppy ears and colouring of a Lab but more the size and slimness of a whippet – he seems a very bright and affectionate chap. We are all hoping he settles in well.

As I said, not a wedding post, but having a photo of a cute dog on the site can’t hurt can it?

Rescue dog


He’s beautiful – I hope he settles in to his new home and loves his new family 🙂
And well done for rescuing him.

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